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Swashbuckling Adventures on the High Seas September 11, 2008

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I think the article showed how subjects can be integrated easily and help teach more than one thing at a time.  The unit plan seems like it would flow really easily and keep the students interested in the material.  I like that the social studies can be taught using historical fiction books in a way that excites the students.  The launch of the unit seems like a great way to gain the students’ interest and get them excited about learning more about the pirates.  The whole unit seems to be set up in a way that will keep the students excited about what they are learning and keep them interested as they go.  I am excited about going through this unit and learning more about pirates and how to teach the unit.


History of My Name September 4, 2008

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My full name is Heather Dawn Stidhams and my parents gave it to me because they liked it.  There was no special reason for how I got it, my mom just liked it.  Heather is the name of a variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers which commonly grow in rocky areas.  My mom thinks that is funny because while there was no specific reason they gave me that name it fits.  She thinks that I have been like a flower that slowly opened up to the people around her.  I laughed when she when she told me that but I guess it is true.

According to howmanyofme.com there are 514,017 people in the United States with my first name and it is the 104th most popular name.  It also says that I am the only person found with my whole name which I think is really cool.


Notebook Know-How Pages 15-34 September 2, 2008

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This section of the book was really helpful.  There were a lot of great ideas on how to help students come up with something to write when they are having problems coming up with something.  I really liked the history of a name idea.  A student’s individual name is something that is unique to them and that they should be able to write about.  They could even go home and ask their parents questions about how they got their name and then be able to write more.  I also think the writing from a list idea would be very beneficial.  There is no limit to the things that students could make a list about and once they realize that they can list whatever they want to they should be able to use this tip very often.  One more idea that I really liked was the writing from a word idea.  This tip could produce some very interesting entries and could be used many different times.  The students should be very intrigued by where they end up going in the stream of consciousness writing.  This could also lead to a very interesting discussion.  So far I have really enjoyed everything that Buckner has written and think that it could be implemented in the classroom easily.


Notebook Know-How Page 1-15

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August 28, 2008

So far the book seems like it will be very helpful in learning to help our students want to write.  I was worried that I would be reading another textbook but in the fifteen pages that I have read I see that it is so much more than that.  It is easy to read and understand which is very helpful.  The short fifteen pages that we read had lots of helpful tips that I could see being easily incorporated into the classroom and I can only expect to be give lots more.  I am glad that we are reading a book that is going to be useful once this class is over and that we can actually use in our classrooms.  Her personal stories help me to see that her tips can be implemented and how and I am excited to learn more.

Writer’s notebooks give students a place to learn to love writing and to freely express themselves.  They get to make the notebooks their own so they feel like the experience is personal to them.  The students will hopefully come to be excited about their notebooks and their own writing while using these writer’s notebooks.  I feel that making something personal for the students will make them connect to the information better and really learn it.  If they come to love their notebooks they are also learning to enjoy writing and are realizing the importance of writing which is something that is very hard to teach.

First and foremost my goal as a teacher of writing is to help students learn to enjoy writing and see that it can be a personal tool for them.  Writing is a very important component of our society and I want to help my students learn to use the basics that they are taught to create their own writings to fully understand how writing can affect their lives.  The basic components of writing are important but students need to learn how to actually implement them in their writing and I hope to be able to help them figure out how to do that.

I think that Aimee Buckner’s idea of having the students start out the year by sitting in the floor and talking about what they have done and what they like is a great way to launch the notebooks.  Finding things that they actually want to write about is hard to do sometimes and some students get stuck on how to start.  Talking as a group until you can see that everyone has something to say and then telling them to write the idea down so they don’t forget it is a great way to get them started.  It is important to make sure they know that these notebooks can be made personal for them so they will learn to appreciate them.  I will also allow them to make the notebooks their own so they will have something personal to them to work with.

Organization of the notebooks will depend on what I actually decide to have them include in them.  I think that a table of contents would be very helpful for me and the students to keep up with where things are in their notebooks.  I would also try to allow them to organize it how they want so they feel they have more control over it.  As long as I have a table of contents that shows me where I can find things they should be able to organize their notebook how they want to.


Hello world! August 28, 2008

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